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Bremod Cocoa Butter Hair Shampoo 400ml Hair Conditioner 400ml

➤Description: This product is rich in cocoa butter that moisture and prevent hair loss. Cocoa butter is ricj in vitamins that moistens hair,has anti oxidant and can gently clean the scalp and hair at the same time . It can prevent loss of pigment,maks the hair fresh,elegant and bright.


◼️ Nourish and Repair Damaged Hair

◼️ Make Hair Look Shiny And Smooth

➤Directions for use :

◼️ 1. Wet the hair with warm water,take suitable amount of shampoothen apply on the middle hair to hair tail then gently rub rub until bubbles.

◼️ 2.Wash the dirt on the hair surface for the first time. When washing hair, use finger to rub and massage for about 2 minutes.

◼️ 3. Clean scalp hair for the second time,rub and massage for about 3 minutes.

◼️ 4.Thoroughly clean the head with warm water and blow the hair.

➤Bremod Cocoa Butter Conditioner 400ml

◼️ This product is rich in cocoa seed butter polyphenols and hydrolyzed wheat protein ingredients that gives osmotic nourishment,repair damaged hair,has anti oxidant property and moisturize hair. It also prevents hair damage making it soft and smooth after use. The effect is better when used with Bremod Cocoa Butter Shampoo.


◼️ If any adverse reaction occurs during the use of this product, please stop using immediately. in case of contact with eyes,rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice immediately if necessary. keep out of the reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion. External products, do not take orally.

➤Storage condition : Store in a cool , dry place and avoid direct sunlight .


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