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Cherifer Drops with Taurine (30ml) Parents over the years have learned to trust in CHERIFER – The FIRST vitamin preparation with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), rich in nucleic acids essential for the stimulation of growth. Combined with Taurine and Lysine, CHERIFER is packed full with all the weight-promoting and cell-nourishing nutrients your children need to maximize their growth potential. Deliciously flavored, CHERIFER Drops and Syrup also contain Vitamin A for improved vision as well as Taurine for the optimum brain-development of a smarter, healthier child. Each dose of CHERIFER Drops also contains 150% RDA of Vitamin C for increased resistance against infection as well as serving as an excellent antioxidant needed for growth and the development and maintenance of healthy gums. And while taking CHERIFER Drops, your children will have even more reason to smile because CHERIFER Drops contains Vitamin D for the normal development of teeth and bones. CHERIFER Drops and Syrup are the ideal companions of parents looking for optimized growth potential for their children. Trusted and proven over the years and constantly improved to meet the needs of a tall and healthy child, CHERIFER Drops and Syrup are the best tools for growth and good health.


AU$15.00 Regular Price
AU$12.00Sale Price
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