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Fairy skin Premium Brightening kit ❣️

1 Premium set, 4 Modern Product, 1 great price! ✨

It's called PREMIUM for a reason PREMIUM BRIGHTENING KIT is formulated with modern ingredients found in popular skincare products to date! ✨

✔️ niacinamide

✔️ licorice Root Extract

✔️papaya extract

✔️green tea extract

✔️aha's and bha's

✔️ vitamin C

✔️ vitamin e

✔️ retinol


Yes, it's a ✨PREMIUM✨ exfoliating set! For so many reasons!

✅We used a more skin-friendly gentle yet powerful cleanser instead of a TRADITIONAL bar soap

✅Instead of night cream, this contains a PREMIUM serum that brightens skin without irritation

✅Now has retinol which is dubbed as the GOLDEN STANDARD to skincare

✅Contains natural plant extracts to soothe, hydrate, and brighten skin

✅It targets skin issues from acne, hyperpigmentation, and even stubborn dark spots


AU$25.00 Regular Price
AU$20.00Sale Price
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