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No need to have a salon!

No need to spend too much!

Is your hair dry already? Take care of that.

Here is the answer how to use I CARE BRAZILIAN BLOW OUT! Wet 👇👇👇

See before and after using iCare brazilian blowout‼️

No need to go to a salon, you won't spend thousands to achieve straight and shiny hair, for a cheap price, it's already achieved 😁

How to use Brazilian iCare?

First - shampoo 2 times, no conditioner!!

nd - let the hair dry

Thirdly - apply the icare brazilian blowout soak until it dries it will dry in the hair the soak depends on how long the hair absorbed the medicine. Don't worry, it doesn't damage even if it takes a long time

Fourth - Don't rinse the soaked hair medicine, rinse it directly with pine so the hair can absorb the medicine

And for the fifth-3 days before rinsing it,

after 3 days, use only the rhinestone conditioner


AU$12.00 Regular Price
AU$9.00Sale Price
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