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100% new quality

12-day herbal intensive anti-spot and beneficial cream.

15 grams of 1 day cream.

1 night cream 15 grams.

This product is a new generation herbal product with the function of removing spots.

Nourish and benefit the skin, it can also whiten and moisturize the skin, remove wrinkles, without elasticity and slow effects.


Remove spots, firm wrinkles, whiten the skin, remove acne, quickly replenish moisture and nutrition, make the skin moist and smooth, block the sun, make the skin moist, smooth and firm.


1. Each package contains spots for removing essential cream, nourishing and beneficial cream.

2. After cleansing, use the spot removal cream in the morning and at night respectively. After a week, use the nourishing and beneficial cream during the day and the spot removal cream at night.


1. Please use a small amount of the product on the skin behind your arms or ears to check if your skin is allergic. If your skin is itchy or red within 24 hours, please don't use it because your skin is allergic.

2. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If contact with eyes immediately, please rinse eyes with clean water immediately.

3. For skin with clogged pores and accumulated toxins and pigments caused by poor cosmetics caused by lead-containing and stubborn makeup for a long time, the skin may feel slight redness, itching or discomfort when using this product, and may eliminate darkening Shen, oil and turf are metabolisms that have a powerful detoxification effect, and the skin may return to its normal state within a few days.

4. Do not use this product with other brands of cosmetics, so as not to affect the effect of this product.


1. Manual measurement tolerance is 2-5g. Please don't mind your replacement.

2. Due to the differences between different monitors, the image may not reflect the actual color of the item. thank you very much!


AU$25.00 Regular Price
AU$20.00Sale Price
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