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☕️ Benefit of Bloom Coffee Collagen

✔️ 100% Robusta Coffee And combine with 10 other High Quality Ingredients

✔️ Improve skin elasticity

✔️ Effectively reducing skin aging

✔️ Very low in calories (36Cal)

✔️ Very low in sugar

✔️ 2,500mg of anti-ageing Collagen Protein

✔️ Ginseng to better with stress

✔️ Buttermilk for the creaminess, vitamins and minerals of milk without the insulin spike

✔️ Provide Energy: improves mental health

✔️ Contain Antioxidants: for skin & hair benefit

✔️ L-Glutathione reduces oxidative stress, improve body complexion

✔️ L-Carnitine helps turn body fat into enerny

✔️ Helps firm skin, looks youthful, radiant

✔️ Eliminate body toxins, anti oxidation

How to use Collagen Drink Slimming Coffee

Step 1: Empty Sachet in a Cup

Step 2: Use about 120ml of hot water

Step 3: Mix thoroughly and enjoy


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